Key areas of expertise

The key area of expertise of our members in the process engineering design and supply of sorting and treatment units and technology.

The combination of process engineering and business management know-how ensures professional and technically sound handling of the given issue. Our technology is aimed at achieving extreme durability. Our engineers are experts in individual plant design and concept development. We produce top quality, sound and reliable machines and plants – "Made in Bayern".

Conceptual design

We create plant concepts for complex processing and recycling processes, which we adapt to site-specific environmental conditions. We support plant operators on a technical and strategic level and thus strengthen the future viability of our customers.

Altered legal frameworks, long-term operating experience and last but not least the suggestions of our customers help us to develop our plants constantly further. By means of innovative technology and construction methods can be provided that are tailored in particular to the individual requirements such as, for example, special compositions of the input, special application rates, special purities, etc.

Every company and every facility is special. That is why we work in close cooperation with the customer and systematically integrate experiences and special knowledge. This is how you profit most from our proven plant engineering, our broad knowledge and our interdisciplinary strength!

We support you with engineering services right up to the concrete implementation of the plant engineering in your company:

  • Material flow-related, optimized processes
  • Plant concepts for practice
  • Business analysis
  • Individual planning services: construction, statics
  • Component services: Conveying, steel construction
  • Implementation of specifications and standards such as machine guidelines, CE marking, ATEX, etc.

We offer them the opportunity to test their products with our technology. Our laboratories and technics are equipped with aggregates on the processing scale that deliver results that are directly and directly usable. With these findings, project planning can be verified and new ideas are constantly being integrated into our technology and plant developments.

Plant construction
We offer our customers a wide range of services in the field of dry and wet mechanical processing, automatic sorting techniques and chemical process technology. We stand for optimal solutions with turnkey systems, for the upgrading of existing structures and the new installation of plants, all from a single source.

Our goal is to maximize value for your recycling processes - through our technology. Solid mechanical engineering combined with process engineering experience from the beginning of the development of environmental and recycling technology in Germany ensures the highest reliability and performance of our systems.

"Made in Bavaria": Our members produce to a large extent in their own companies. The export share, however, is very high and is up to 80%.

The close co-operation between our companies allows a project-specific, flexible and very fast implementation of plants. At the same time, the right solutions can be made available from modular processes - even with previous attempts in our own technics.
Other services
We provide consulting on the highest level of processing technologies, recycling processes, market requirements, developments and strategies, etc. Our technical know-how and the integration into extensive networks of experts, research, associations, etc.

We provide contacts, provide support for activities abroad and, together with you, prepare feasabilites. We are happy to work out precalculations for processes and look for suitable partners for realization.

This allows you to plan and implement your processes efficiently. We support you in making your efforts to protect the natural resources of the public also to the public.

And if so, we support you in marketing your output fractions and establish contacts with potential customers.
Technology centres
Plants or processes must run efficiently and error-free! Experiments in the pilot plant are often an indispensable step between concept and realization. For example, individual process steps or the entire process modules of a targeted solution are tested for their feasibility with machines and plants on a practical scale. A variety of machine parameters can be checked. These process runs guarantee the customer the security for an optimal process technology.

Experiments can be carried out under optimum conditions in the company's technical facilities, and project planning can be verified with these findings.

Our versatile technics and the associated workshops enable us to develop, test and tailor innovative treatment, sorting and further treatment procedures with the help of state-of-the-art technology. All test results are recorded and analyzed according to commonly agreed criteria.

The tests are concerned, for example, with the treatment of heterogeneous mixtures of substances such as substitute fuels, electrical scrap or waste materials from waste paper recycling.

We would be pleased to advise you in detail about the possibilities of trials and test runs in our laboratories and technics and, if necessary, to provide you with further contacts.